Friday, December 19, 2014

Book Reviews

Some Reviews of the book from other scholars:

"Fisher's brilliant book provides cogent reasons why we should be skeptical about laptop capitalism and its fluidity and instantaneity of communication. As we surf, text, and post, we are actually becoming more enmeshed in the cyber-networks of command and control that, now as before, bear down heavily. Fisher helps us understand the age of digitality as, above all, capitalist." - Ben Agger, Professor of Sociology and Humanities, University of Texas at Arlington

"This carefully researched and skillfully written guide to the networked world doesn't just demolish the dreamy visions of Utopia 2.0. It provides precisely the comprehensive analysis we need to understand their power and persistence." - Vincent Mosco, Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society, Queen's University, Canada

"This is an audacious systematic ideology-critique of digital capitalism. By meticulously exposing the underlying assumptions and consequences of the digital technology discourse, the book evinces how a seemingly neutral network that creates 'friction free capitalism' germinates a neo-capitalist 'iron cage.' The book reconnects the semiotic and material societal levels. It should be placed on your shelf with Castells' book on informational capitalism, with Dyer-Witheford's on cyber-Marxism or with Mosco's on the digital sublime." - Uri Ram, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Ben Gurion University, Israel 

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